Gravity diecasting in small and medium-sized batches

Precision casting of aluminum

Gravity diecasting produces a fine-grained, dense structure with attractive mechanical properties due to the fast and oriented hardening of the melts in permanent metal molds. Gravity diecast aluminum or brass parts retain a high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Undercuts and cavities in molded parts can be achieved by using core inserts. Gravity diecasting is generally suitable for large volume diecast parts with 1,000 - 10,000 castings, however batch sizes of 100 units are sometimes economical.

Gravity die casting light elementGravity die casting part

G.W.P. AG delivers ready-assembled aluminum and brass gravity diecast parts to industrial customers in various sectors. G.W.P. performs every production step from prototype construction to the manufacture of gravity diecasting dies to the production of finished cast parts.

As a specialist in gravity diecasting of small and medium-sized batches, G.W.P. can offer gravity diecasting at very competitive prices. Low-cost molds for gravity diecast parts give our customers the decisive edge.

Offered gravity diecast methods:

As a reliable full-service provider of ready-to-install gravity diecast components in small batches, G.W.P. has become a fixture in the casting market. Take advantage of our experience for your project!

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