How much time do you need to create the dies or molds?
After confirmation of the die or mold drawings, it will take about 30-40 days to create the die or mold.
When can I expect the initial samples?
After the die or mold is built, we need about seven workdays to test the die or mold, produce sample parts, prepare sampling test reports and ship the sample parts.

How long does series production take?
After the customer confirms the model and orders the series, series production commences. The delivery deadline depends on the product and number of units and will be communicated to you in the order confirmation.
How much time should I plan for the goods to be shipped?
For sea freight from Zhongshan, it takes 30-35 work days ex factory depending on the target port. Shipments by air will be received within 7-10 days. G.W.P. will inform the customer about the shipment and any provided tracking/AWB number. G.W.P. will monitor transportation of air and sea freight and will handle the shipment directly to the customer if desired.