What is the service life of the dies/molds?
The service life of a die or mold always depends on the manner in which the die or molds is used and the wall thickness of the part produced. G.W.P. specializes in small to medium-sized batches and can offer very attractive mold and die prices. The service life for a diecasting die is 50,000 to 80,000 shots for aluminum and about 100,000 shots for zinc. Molds for plastic injection molding can easily be used for about 400,000 shots. We guarantee the quality of the molds and dies for five years.
What information need to be taken into account when submitting a query for diecasting dies or injection molding molds?

Depending on if the mold or die is designed for one shaped part (1x1 cavity) or two equivalent shaped parts (1x2 cavities) or two different shaped parts in one mold or die (1+1 cavities), the possible part yield can be higher (1x2 cavities), or the mold or die costs for different parts can be reduced by combining the parts in a single mold or die (1+1 cavities). The possible combinations are dictated by the size of the part, the required tolerances of the part, and the maximum possible die or mold size. If the tolerances are tight, individual dies or molds are generally recommended. The tooling costs can be substantially reduced by planning the die or mold.

Here are a few examples to illustrate:

1x1 cavity – one molded part in a single die
1x2 to 1xN cavities – one molded part several times in a single die
1+1 cavities – two different molded parts in a single die
1+1+1 cavities – three different molded parts in a single die
1x2+1x1 cavities – two equivalent parts plus another molded part in a single die
4x2 cavities – for different molded parts with two cavities each in a single die
2x4 cavities – two different molded parts with four cavities each and a single die


Can I make subsequent changes to the molds?
Normally, changes can always be made at a later time. It is however better to plan changes beforehand so that the tools can't be suitably adapted. Subsequent changes can reduce the life of a mold.
How quickly can the molds be changed?
G.W.P. can change the molds and dies very quickly and flexibly on site. The delivery time for subsequent samples after the customer has changed the design is at least seven days ex-factory.
Can you manufacture molded parts for us using an existing mold or die?
No. Due to the different standards between Europe, the United States and China, this is not possible. In addition, in our experience it is not recommendable to transfer molds or dies to China for reasons of cost (transportation insurance, warranty problems, etc.). We would be glad to prepare you an offer for the manufacture of a die or mold and molded parts.
Your manufacturing facilities are in China. Can I obtain the molds from you and any time?
While we are producing the molded parts, the dies or molds are at our production facilities or those of our contractual partners. Once the molds have been completely paid for, they are then owned by the customer.
You can then pick up the molds at any time. The molds are manufactured for use in China, correspond to Chinese standards and therefore cannot be used in Europe without some alteration.