How do you guarantee quality in China?

At its own production facilities in Zhongshan, G.W.P. guarantees German standards for quality, production planning, employee management and occupational safety and thereby maintains deadlines and high-quality products.

Our foundry engineers who specialize in individual procedures can make suggestions to optimize production-related design during the bid preparation phase. Since they are always on location, our quality assurance engineers can quickly troubleshoot quality problems in the production of our contractual partners and suppliers who have met our qualifications. our 10 years out experience and networking with local suppliers protect you from typical surprises that often arise when purchasing parts directly from China. The manufacturing procedures of G.W.P. AG are based on DIN and ISO standards and ensure that your customers receive the specified quality. Certification according to ISO 9001 by the Rhineland Technical Inspectorate is concluded in june of 2009. 

How can I assure myself of your quality before making an order?
We encourage you to determine our quality beforehand. We would be glad to send you an example similar to your request for your review. Feel free to contact us! G.W.P. has been a reliable partner for many years with many companies. Ask us for a list of references!
What is the procedure for complaints?

G.W.P. pass a professional complaint management system (CAR) through which immediate measures are taken and preventative improvements are implemented and documented. Ask for our process overview in case of complaints. In case of complaints, it is easiest to send us an e-mail with the following information: Delivery slip number, delivery date, project name, precise description of the part and precise description of the problem. In addition,we will need the relevant parts for a review with the problem area marked.

If the complaint is justified, we will generally issue a credit memo. In exceptions, we reserve the right to make improvements.

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