Many designers and product developers develop attractive, functionally correct and high-quality products.
However, processing also bears an influence on the designer's product design. No design engineer or designer can be aware of all of the peculiarities and details of mechanical processing. Due to varying tolerance and processing restrictions, the interplay of the various components created in different manufacturing procedures can yield problems in a project that are difficult to resolve.

We inform our customers of potential difficulties and offer economical alternative production methods and materials beforehand.

  • Technology consultation and production-related design optimization
  • Feasibility studies and cost analysis (design to cost)
  • Support for production-appropriate design
  • Process optimization to improve quality
  • Alternate production methods and materials
  • Material tests and process simulation
  • Recommendations for optimum die and mold design

By ensuring early collaboration between design, purchasing and G.W.P., suggestions can be incorporated to optimize the design to the production process when preparing the offer (designed to cost). Long-term savings can be effectively identified and adopted. Development time can be significantly shortened without harming quality. Technology consultation offers a host of advantages!


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