Control panels and switches

We manufacture small batches of customer-specific control panels and switches.

Switches and control panels are frequently subject to extreme conditions in industrial environments. The requirements for the control panels and switch elements placed on equipment manufacturers are correspondingly high. Small gaps, dust-resistance and continuous functioning are typical requirements.

control panel 1control panel 2control panel 3

G.W.P. as a service provider with experience in a range of industrial processes can offer all manufacturing processes from a single source: Injection molded parts with multiple components for improved feel, nickel-plated high-grade steel contacts, die cast parts of special alloys, precise CNC components or special coatings.

Since we specialize in small and medium-sized batches, we can economically manufacture individual control elements and switches even when a great deal of tooling is involved.

Our experience in specific branches of industry make it easier to manufacture successful products when the control panels and switch elements must satisfy special requirements. We manufacture economical control solutions: Customer specific rocker switches, push-push switches, rotary switches, snap-action switches and slide switches.

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