Industrial keyboards

We manufacture small batches of customer-specific industrial keyboards and touch systems.

Industrial short-stroke keyboards and membrane keyboards for extreme conditions are used for many applications and branches. Many special keyboards are developed for a small circle of users and are correspondingly expensive to manufacture.

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G.W.P. specializes in the economical manufacture of industrial keyboards in small and medium batches. We manufacture customer-specific industrial keyboards according to your drawings and specifications. .

With our range of manufacturing processes, we offer industrial keyboards of aluminum, steel and plastic. We turn your keyboard designs into high quality and highly attractive products: Precise keyboard housings, transparent polyester films in different thicknesses, non-reflective windows, structured areas, keys with embossed edges with or without a pressure point..

Our experience in specific branches of industry makes it easier to satisfy special requirements. We offer keyboards and touch systems in different designs depending on the specifications. We manufacture a wide range of keyboards from robust metal keyboards to flexible membrane keyboards and silicone keypads, to different types of short-stroke keyboards and integrated, dust-protected special keyboards.

Take advantage of our consultation services as early as the design phase to optimize production!

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