Plastic housings

We manufacture customer-specific plastic housings based on drawings in small batches.

Excessive manufacturing costs frequently sound the death knell in the designing of new plastic housings. With our specialized tool and die production service, we can manufacture economical plastic housings in small batches.

Plastic housing 1Plastic housing 2Plastic housing 3

Plastic housings can be manufactured in a wide variety of designs, particularly Injection-molded housings. Lightweight, complex structures and an attractive appearance are easy to achieve.

Graining of areas to be touched, hard/soft combinations, multicolored parts, marble effects or the encapsulation of inserted parts for threaded bushes etc., are feasible in plastic housings. The design possibilities are nearly unlimited given the wide variety of plastics and processing techniques.

We manufacture plastic housings based on your drafts and drawings including seals, displays, membrane keyboards, control panels and battery contacts – all harmonized with each other and assembled.

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