From a single source: combined manufacturing processes for housing construction

Production-ready prototypes for the automotive industry and its component suppliers

In the ever-changing world of the automotive industry, the race to bring innovative vehicles to market is fiercer than ever. The journey from concept to production-ready prototype requires the seamless integration of complex components without compromising on quality and economy. From an automotive and supplier perspective, die casting is critical to produce complex housings and lids that protect sensitive components, ensuring durability and optimal performance. This is where the synergy of die casting and deep drawing technology comes into play, which we offer as a manufacturing service provider. The combination of the two technologies is particularly interesting to produce prototypes in the automotive industry.

Our core competence: die-cast housings
At the heart of our manufacturing expertise is the production of die-cast housings. This process involves injecting liquid metal into a mold to produce complex shapes with accuracy and repeatability die cavity, creating complex shapes with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability in small to medium batches. 

Deep-drawing technology: seamless lightweight
Complementing our core competencies in die casting, we utilize deep drawing technology. Deep drawing entails transforming flat sheet metal into three-dimensional structures through precise mechanical processes. This technique is particularly ideal for producing seamless and lightweight components.

Die-cast housing combined with deep-drawing process
The synergy created by combining die-cast housings with covers made using deep-drawing technology provides an economical solution for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, particularly in prototype production.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fast and agile: Rapid prototyping is critical in the early stages of automotive design. The seamless combination of die casting and deep-drawing technology accelerates the production process, allowing your engineers to quickly iterate and refine designs.
  • Design Space: Automotive prototypes require complex designs that integrate multiple functionalities. The combination of die casting and deep-drawing technology provides a high degree of design freedom, allowing manufacturers to create complex shapes and geometries that blend seamlessly with other components.
  • Cost Efficiency: Traditional manufacturing methods can be costly, especially for prototypes. Our approach not only speeds up production, but also optimizes material usage, reduces material waste, and lowers the overall cost of prototyping. The result is cost-effective prototypes without compromising quality.
  • Weight reduction: Vehicles are designed with fuel efficiency and sustainability in mind. By using deep-drawing technology to produce lightweight components, we help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, which improves fuel economy and reduces the environmental footprint.
  • Superior material properties: Die casting and deep drawing technologies ensure consistent material properties in prototype components. This results in improved structural integrity, durability and overall performance.
  • Seamless fit and appearance: The synergy of die-cast housings and lids through deep-drawing technology guarantees a seamless fit and appearance, ensuring that all components are perfectly integrated in the prototype.

In an industry where innovation is paramount, the combination of die casting and deep drawing technology offers automotive manufacturers and their suppliers a significant advantage. From rapid prototyping to pre-production or small batches production, our single-source manufacturing services enable your engineers to realize their visions with efficiency, precision and the highest quality.