CNC large part production / CNC machining

G.W.P. AG manufactures large parts on CNC-controlled universal lathes and milling machines. We machine all conventional metals and plastics, but we specialize in non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics such as PA, PBT, POM or PC. Lathes and milling machines must be very stable and reliable to process large workpieces. G.W.P. Has successfully mastered this challenge.

Small batch machining

G.W.P. AG specializes in the cost-optimized CNC machining of large lathed parts and milled components in series of 100 - 500 units. We lathe, mill, grind, customer-specific large components of brass, steel, aluminum and plastic. Special materials can be used upon request. Your lathed and milled parts are processed according to DIN ISO 2768. Fabricating large CNC-machined components requires a high degree of precision and experience. This is precisely G.W.P.'s strength: Precise components according to your requirements!

G.W.P. supplies large CNC-machined parts for machine building customers and other specific industrial branches.

Services for CNC-produced large parts:

  • Aluminum, brass, steel, plastics
  • min. diameter: 12 mm
  • max. diameter: 250 mm
  • max. length 1,500 mm
  • Recommended minimum batch sizes: 100 units
  • We process according to DIN ISO 2768 (general tolerances).

System supplier

As a manufacturing service provider of mechanical components, we offer everything from a single source: Surface finishing, supplemental components produced in additional manufacturing processes and their assembly to form modules or assemblies.

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