Magnesium die casting in small and medium-sized batches

More than a lightweight
As the lightest metal construction material, magnesium is extremely attractive for many lightweight construction applications. Due to the high strength of magnesium in comparison to its weight, magnesium diecasting is particularly suitable for many types of equipment housings. Magnesium is attractive for more than just its weight – due to the low viscosity of the melt, highly complex components can be manufactured with thinner walls and larger surface areas than diecast aluminum. The good heat conductivity and electromagnetic screening of diecast magnesium make it attractive for many segments of machine construction and the electronics industry. The disadvantage of high corrosion from other metals or acids can be counted by high purity magnesium alloys, design measures and suitable surface protection such as passivation, anodizing or coatings.

Development partner
G.W.P. AG supplies ready-to-install diecast magnesium parts for lightweight industrial components. We view ourselves as a partner in development and aim to establish long-term, strong customer relationships. G.W.P. specializes in meeting the growing demand for small and medium-sized batches of magnesium diecast parts; this allows us to offer small batches of diecast magnesium at extremely competitive prices. Low-cost dies for diecast magnesium components give our customers the decisive edge.

Everything from one source
G.W.P manufactures molded magnesium parts weighing up to 3,000 g in hot and cold chamber diecasting machines with up to 500 tons clamping force. G.W.P. offers it all from a single source: Recommendations to optimize production (design to cost), creation of 3-D models (if needed), quick delivery of models for function testing, construction of diecasting dies and timely delivery of ready-to-install molded parts or components. Put the advantages of magnesium diecasting to use, and rely on the experience of G.W.P.

Magnesium diecasting services:

  • Die-cast parts weighing 4 - 3.000g
  • Up to 500 tons clamping force
  • Manufacturing in accordance with DIN 1688 and ISO 8062
  • Finishing in accordance with ISO 2768-1, etc.
  • Problem-free surface treatment
  • Component assembly

Advantages of magnesium casting:

  • For thin-wall and complex housings, frames and levers
  • Low specific weight (percentage less than aluminum: 30%, steel: 75%)
  • Very strong alloys with a high damping capacity
  • Very easy to machine
  • High surface quality
  • Low, volume-related thermal capacity
  • Good EMC screening
  • Greater number of cycles than with aluminum diecasting
  • Low die costs due to need-optimized die construction
  • Galvanic corrosion with Cu, Ni, Fe (electronegativity) can be minimized by coatings or design measures; Al and Zn are unproblematic
  • Flammable at approximately 590°C

We manufacture with all conventional international magnesium alloys in accordance with DIN EN 1753, ASTM B94 (USA), JIS (Japan) or GB/T (China). A selection of conventional alloys is listed below:

Magnesium alloys for die casting
Numerical alloy designationchemical alloy namepropertiesuses
EN MC-21120EN-MC MgAl9Zn1(A)*high-strengthfor all types of housings, coverage, supports, etc.
EN MC-21210EN-MC MgAl2Mnhigh elongation and impact resistancefor safety components
EN MC-21220EN-MC MgAl5Mnstrength, high elongation and energy absorptionfor components that require elasticity (mobile support structures, etc.)
EN MC-21230EN-MC MgAl6Mnhigh-strength, good elongation and energy absorptionfor impellers, chair frames, support devices

*very popular

Surface treatment:
Depending on the magnesium alloy, cast magnesium parts can be provided with various surfaces: Barrel finishing,grinding, sandblasting, glass bead blasting, brushing, polishing, passivating, phosphating, powder coating, wet painting, eloxating color-free and black, nickel plating, copper plating, screen printing and pad printing.

Prototype construction:
For development models and prototypes, we offer different rapid prototyping methods and the PROTO DIE procedure in addition to conventional prototype construction. Find out about the options for cast prototypes.

Do you still have questions regarding tolerances, die design or the project schedule for magnesium diecasting? Consult our FAQ list and talk with our engineers and technicians!


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