Gravity die-cast aluminum

Precision casting of aluminum
Gravity diecast aluminum is suitable for small to medium-sized parts with a simple geometry in batches of up to approximately 10,000 cast parts. Aluminum gravity diecasting yields dimensionally accurate parts with good surface quality. G.W.P. AG manufactures ready-assembled cast parts up to 6 kg using the gravity diecasting method. G.W.P. delivers more than just parts – if needed, we combine the cast parts and production parts in additional steps into ready-assembled assemblies. As a specialist in gravity diecasting of small and medium-sized batches, G.W.P. can offer aluminum gravity diecasting at very competitive prices. Low-cost molds for gravity diecast parts give our customers a decisive advantage. Taken advantage of our experience with aluminum gravity diecasting – Rely on G.W.P.! 

Aluminum gravity die casting services:

  • Cast parts weighing 10 - 6,000 g per unit
  • Tolerances of 0.3 - 0.6%
  • For medium-sized device housings, transmission covers, machine bases, etc.
  • Batch sizes of 100 - 10,000 units
  • Cast parts of brass or steel are possible ( threaded bushings, bearing bushings or bolts, etc.)
  •  Experienced mold and die construction
  • The service lives of the dies depend on the component geometry, alloy, and permanent mold material

Everything from a single source:

The gravity die casting method:
In gravity diecasting, a permanent mold is first created by CNC milling or spark erosion from hot-work steel. G.W.P. manufactures the permanent molds and any necessary mold cores based on the mold drawings of the customer. If sampling is successful, the cast parts are produced in series. The molten aluminum is poured manually into the permanent molds. Experience and skill are essential to the quality of the cast aluminum parts. G.W.P. can rely on employees and partners with long experience in mold construction and gravity diecasting.

Advantages of aluminum gravity die casting:
Aluminum gravity diecasting produces a fine-grained, dense structure with attractive mechanical properties due to the fast and oriented hardening of the aluminum melts in permanent mold. This largely prevents porosity and shrink holes. Gravity diecast aluminum parts have a high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. The good electrical conductivity for EMC screening of electrical components and the very high heat conductivity for cooling fins, etc. make aluminum a popular material in machine building and the electronics industry. In addition, the fact that aluminum parts are up to two-thirds lighter than those of cast iron makes cast aluminum parts a desirable alternative. Undercuts and cavities in cast parts can be achieved by using core inserts. Aluminum gravity diecasting is generally suitable for 1,000 - 10,000 castings of medium-sized parts, however batch sizes of 100 units are sometimes economical. For very large-volume components weighing up to 20 kg, we recommend Low-pressure diecasting.

Aluminum alloys for gravity die casting
We use all conventional international aluminum alloys for manufacturing. Here is a selection:

Aluminum alloys for gravity diecasting according to DIN EN 1706

Numerical alloy Chemical alloy
EN AC-42100 AC-AlSi7Mg0,3
EN AC-43000 AC-AlSi10Mg(a)*
EN AC-43100 AC-AlSi10Mg(b)*
EN AC-43300 AC-AlSi9Mg
EN AC-44100 AC-AlSi12(b)
EN AC-48000 AC-AlSi12CuNiMg*
EN AC-51100 AC-AlMg3(a)

* very popular

To obtain a list of all possible alloys according to DIN EN 1706, ASTM (USA), JIS (Japan) or GB/T (China) with their chemical composition, go to Alloys for aluminum gravity die casting.

Do you still have questions regarding tolerances, alloys or die construction for aluminum gravity diecasting? Consult our FAQ list, the download area, and talk with our engineers and technicians!


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