Extrusion welding

In the welding of plastics, two similar thermoplastic components are joined under heat and pressure. A dimensionally-stable and permanent bond arises after cooling.

Extrusion welding

With extrusion welding, an extruded filler material consisting of a plastic similar to the component is used to join the joint surfaces. The extruded material is applied with a molding shoe to the joint surfaces heated with hot air and then pressed. G.W.P. uses extrusion welding as a manual welding procedure to join plastic components with thick walls. The advantages of hot gas extrusion welding are very high strength and high weld seam quality.

Advantages of Extrusion Welding

  • For parts with wall thicknesses up to 30mm
  • Very high strength of the weld
  • Low residual stress
  • Processing according to DIN 1910-3

Other plastic welding methods