Laser cutting

In laser cutting or the sublimation cutting of sheet metal, the surface of the material is melted by a laser, and the evaporating material is blown out of the joint with a gas jet (CO2 laser). Very precise cuts can be made by means of laser cutting. Minor changes can occur at the edge of the cut due to the high temperature that arises during laser cutting. Laser cutting is also economical for small sheet metal batches.

laser cutting

Advantages of laser cutting

  • For complex, sharp-angled contours
  • Three-dimensional parts are possible
  • Highly-precise cutting of thin and average sheet thicknesses
  • Very fine cut joints between 0.2 - 0.4 mm
  • Also efficient for small batch sizes

G.W.P. will manufacture your demanding sheet metal components using modern laser cutting machines with focused, high-power lasers (gas lasers) with output up to 100 W/cm². As a multi-process manufacturing service provider for mechanical components, we also offer surface coatings, the production of components in additional procedures and the assembly of components if needed. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction

Laser cutting services

  • Structural steel up to 10 mm
  • High-alloy sheet steel up to 8 mm
  • Sheet aluminum up to 8 mm
  • Copper sheets up to 6 mm
  • Other types of sheet-metal upon request
  • We process according to DIN ISO 2768

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