Deep drawing & metal spinning

G.W.P. AG manufactures small batches of rotationally symmetrical sheet-metal hollow bodies based on drawings by deep drawing or metal spinning. By tension and pressure forming, deep drawing and metal spinning, a range of various cylindrical forms, conical shapes and hemispheres can be manufactured for a wide variety of applications.

Deep drawing part 1Deep drawing part 2


Modern CNC-controlled deep drawing machines with pressures up to 50 tons and a hydraulic pressure lathe are used to create spun and deep drawn parts. We manufacture deep-drawn and spun parts for specific branches of industry with a diameter up to 200 mm and a maximum width of 500 mm. We process sheets of steel and nonferrous metals in thicknesses of 0.4 to 2.5 mm for dimensionally precise hollow bodies following your specifications and in accordance with DIN ISO 2768.

  • Rotationally symmetrical sheet metal hollow bodies
  • of steel, high-grade steel, aluminum and brass up to 2.5 mm thick
  • with diameters up to 200 mm
  • deep-drawn parts in batches up to 10,000 units
  • Very small batches of spun metal parts


Cost-optimized deep drawing dies


Our experience in tooling allows us to manufacture precise deep-drawn parts. We manufacture precise dies for economical deep drawing in batches up to 10,000 units. Collaboration with G.W.P. can be worthwhile for you, particularly when you regularly need new deep-drawn components. The low cost of deep-drawing dies substantially reduces your investment risk. Take advantage of our consultation services and exploit cost minimization potential!

See also:

Deep drawing
In deep drawing, a flat circular blank of sheet metal is converted into a hollow body by stretching and compressing. A punch presses the clamped blank through the opening of the specially shaped die, and the contours of the die halves are formed in the drawn sheet metal part. Radial stress from tension and tangential stress from pressure arises in the sheet metal that is bent several times. In deep drawing, these forces as well as the clearance, sweep and drawing speed must be precisely harmonized to keep the sheet metal from folding or tearing. Deep drawing is one of the most important procedures for shaping sheet metal.

Metal spinning
Metal spinning is a method for shaping sheet-metal to produce rotationally-symmetrical bodies. The flat round blanks of sheet metal are pressed onto the rotating steel mandrel by means of rods or rollers. Cold-rolled sheet steel, aluminum or copper alloys can be used for metal spinning. Metal spinning is particularly useful for very small batches when deep drawing dies would be too expensive to manufacture.