Stamping / nibbling / slotting

G.W.P. AG manufactures complex sheet metal components based on drawings by stamping, nibbling, slotting and forming sheet metal on modern CNC stamping machines.



G.W.P. manufactures high-quality punched sheet metal parts and ready-to-install assemblies according to DIN ISO 2768. We process all conventional types of sheet metal such as aluminum, steel, zinc, copper in thicknesses of 0.5-3 mm (up to 8 mm in certain cases).

Cost-optimized stamping dies

Our experience in die construction allows us to manufacture highly-precise, scratch-free sheet metal parts. We manufacture precise punches and up-to-date slug retaining dies. You can lower your parts costs by cost-optimized stamping dies for small series. Collaboration with us can be worthwhile for you, particularly when you regularly require small batches of new sheet metal parts. Inexpensive stamping dies substantially reduce your investment risk. Take advantage of cost minimizing potential!

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In stamping, the sheet metal stock is cut in a single stroke with a cutting tool consisting of a punch and die. Sequential, periodic stamping to remove complex geometric sheet metal contours is termed nibbling.

Nibbling is used when there are large radii or irregular shapes. The individual stamping strokes of the overlapping stamped holes remain visible at the nibbled edge. The roughness of the sheet metal edges depends on the stamping speed during nibbling. The greater the number of strokes executed by the stamping machine along the nibbling path, the smoother the edge and the greater the wear of the stamping tool set.

A special type of stamping, slotting, is recommendable for visible edges. In slotting, the punch of the stamping tool is shaped so that a very clean edge arises in the sheet metal in continuous cutting. Slotting is only suitable for sheet metal parts with straight contours.

Sheet metal forming
On our CNC-controlled stamping machine, we manufacture complicated sheet metal parts with louvers, tabs, beads, rim holes, embossing and hinges for customers from specific branches of industry.