Chrome plating

Galvanic chrome plating is frequently used for visible parts that must be visually attractive (fittings, screens, etc.). Chrome-plated surfaces have a very decorative white, slightly bluish color and are very corrosion resistant. Components made of steel, high-grade steel, and alloys of copper, aluminum or zinc can be chrome plated. If a chrome-plated plastic is desired, G.W.P. offers chrome-plated acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Depending on the base material, chrome plating is preceded by grinding and polishing and multiple coatings of copper and nickel. The final deposited layer consists of approximately 0.3-0.8 µm chrome. Depending on the process, different surfaces can be produced: Matte chrome plating, pearl gloss chrome plating, gloss chrome plating and black chrome plating.

Chrome platingAluminium part - Chrome plating

Process description
Chrome plating according to DIN ISO 12540 and DIN 50967

1. Grinding, fine grinding and polishing
2. Degreasing and pickling
3. Galvanic copper plating
4. Polishing
5. Galvanic nickel plating
6. Galvanic chrome plating


  • Different degrees of gloss
  • Very high corrosion protection
  • High level of hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistant up to approximately 350°C
  • Very decorative surface (time-consuming)

Galvanic chrome plating is very time-consuming method of surface finishing. Not every component geometry or material is suitable for this process. Consult with us!