Decorative plastic metallization

Injection molded plastic parts with a metal coating are used in many areas for decorative and technical uses. In addition to housings for telecommunications devices, there are many uses for metallized plastic surfaces such as reflector coatings. High-gloss surfaces, metallic effects and partial coatings greatly expand the design options and make it possible to substitute metal components with plastic parts.

G.W.P. offers decorative plastic metallization by means of vacuum coating (PVD). By applying very thin layers of copper, aluminum, tin, gold or silver, various metallic effects such as high-grade steel, aluminum, antique brass or gold can be achieved. These can be combined with colored top coats of paint.

Decorative plastic metallizationPlastic part - Decorative metallization

Suitable plastics are for example ABS, PA or PET. The plastics may have to be pretreated by activation, heat or flame. However, the suitability of plastic parts for metal coatings always needs to be tested beforehand on a sample.


  • Decorative metallization with Cu, Al, Au, Ag, Sn
  • Layer thickness of 2-5 µm
  • An integrated base coating or top coating with UV paints can also be provided
  • Adhesion and long-term stability according to UL 746C
  • Easy to recycle
  • Relatively economical process