The advantage of experience

Technological expertise
G.W.P. AG has technicians and engineers in process engineering and materials science with years of experience in the mechanical production of high-quality components. Technological expertise and experience is not limited to superior manufacturing quality. We offer our customers suggestions for optimizing production or alternative technologies and materials in the query stage. The feasibility, production capacity and process stability of each query is thoroughly reviewed beforehand. We guarantee each offer that we make.

Branch experience
Each market has its unique characteristics. Depending on the branch and product application, the material properties, surface finish and electronic shielding or the interaction of the components are subject to different requirements. G.W.P. has years of experience in the specific branches of your customers. This shortens the joint learning curve. Our proven project track record with customers from your branch makes it easier for us to quickly understand your special needs and problems and precisely satisfy your demands.

Experience in global production
G.W.P. AG takes advantage of the comparatively low production costs from its own production and purchasing affiliates in Zhongshan and Hong Kong, China, and passes on the savings to your customers. Our permanent local presence and a 10-year-old network with local suppliers protect you from typical surprises that often arise when purchasing parts directly from China. We rely on German specialists for innovative processes, particularly in the processing of surfaces. Together with the customer, we develop tailored, economical solutions.