Mechanical components for industrial electronics
Today, industrial electronics can be found in every sector of industrial control, production and information transfer. Miniaturization, wireless technologies and mechatronic systems will guide the future of the branch and will increase demands on the suppliers of mechanical components. Suppliers are confronted with the increasing importance of experience and knowledge in processing halogen-free, flame-retardant plastics, plastics with high creep resistance (comparative tracking index or CTI), metal coating of plastics, or manufacturing technologies for microcomponents and multiple components.

Components for electronic systems
For many years, G.W.P. has been successfully producing mechanical components for the electrical equipment and electronics industry. As a supplier for industrial electronics, we specialize in small to medium-size batches as well as manufacturing processes involving high initial production costs, especially tooling costs. We focus on the manufacturing of injection molded plastic, die-cast aluminum, extruded aluminium profile segments, and machining. We round out our services as a one-stop supplier of mechanical assemblies with high-quality surface coatings, the assembly of modules and the provision of documentation and test certificates: Everything from a single source!

Whether robust aluminum housings for industrial computers, CNC-milled aluminum front panels, injection-molded housings for bus modules and laser diffuse sensors or special DIN rail housings - G.W.P. combines technological expertise with branch-related experience to the advantage of its customers.
We specialize to your advantage.




Plastic and metal mechanical components for manufacturers for:

  • Control systems
  • Control technology
  • High frequency technology
  • Electrical equipment



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