Device assembly / Final assembly

We assemble your mechanical components into a dimensionally precise final product.

Say you need two housing halves of diecast aluminum for your product as well as five plastic parts for side covers, potentiometer buttons, a battery housing and four silicone cast parts for keypads and impact protection elements. In addition, the aluminum diecast parts need to be powder coated, and the impact protection elements need to be glued.

Five or six suppliers need to be coordinated in this project. As a technical buyer or designer, you are probably not a specialist in any of these procedures.

Production with final assembly

We can offer the necessary resources for these and similar tasks: The die casting, injection molding and quality assurance engineers at G.W.P. are continuously taking on such projects. Our back office also provides a continuous flow of information to all participants in the project.

Allow us to manufacture and assemble your complete mechanical component!

Take advantage of cost minimizing potential!