Measuring systems, telecommunications, aeronautics, ship building, construction equipment, conveying systems

As the complexity of requirements in different industries grows, the demands placed on suppliers of mechanical components also grow.

G.W.P. has specialized in a number of select branches and can access its expertise and experience arising from successful prior projects. Our branch-specific experience eliminates loss from poorly coordinated logistics, thus enabling your components to be successfully completed on-schedule. Our proven project track record with customers from your branch makes it easier for us to quickly understand your special needs and problems and satisfy your demands. Research our expertise before you commit. We would be glad to send you an example similar to your request for your review. Feel free to contact us! G.W.P. has been a reliable partner for many years with many companies.

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Additional branches:

  • Automotive (prototypes and pre-series)
  • Measuring systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Aeronautics
  • Ship building
  • Construction equipment & conveying systems



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