Stamping dies / Forming dies

Do you need stamping dies for high-quality small batches?

Cost-optimized tool manufacturing

Precise, reliable and customer-specific dies are essential in the production of punched and shaped parts. G.W.P. is an experienced tool manufacturer for punch dies and the production of small batches of punched and shaped parts. Our particular strength is economical dies. We manufacture high-quality dies for the scratch-free stamping of sheet metal parts. In particular, customers that have to fabricate dies relatively often for new products find that we are the right partner for them. The success of a product is generally hard to predict, and low die costs substantially lower the risk.

Whether cupping dies, plunge dies or slotting dies, our moldbuilders will manufacture the right extrusion mold for you. G.W.P. offers it all from a single source: Forming dies and sheet metal parts including all finishing steps, surfaces and assembly. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction.

G.W.P. manufactures the following forming dies for sheet metal work:

  • Stamping / bending dies
  • Folding press dies
  • Embossing tools
  • Step forming dies
  • Center punches and spot face cutters
  • Stamp dies
  • Flanging dies
  • Bridge dies
  • sheet metal taps
  • Plunge tools
  • Tab dies
  • Slotting dies
  • Cupping dies
  • Beading dies
  • Hinge dies
  • Countersink dies
  • Weld projection dies
  • Cutting dies/precision blanking

Die production services:

Our forming die production facilities include our own CAD center, CNC machining centers, lathes and milling machines, spark erosion machines and a polishing system.

The following equipment is available for producing punches:

  • CAD center for the conventional file formats of DXF and STEP
  • CNC machining centers
  • Lathes and milling machines
  • Wire erosion (EDM) machines
  • Sinker EDM machines

Do you have any questions about dies, die costs or tolerances? Consult our FAQ list, download area and take advantage of our consultation options!


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