Automotive Industry

ISO TS 16949 Certified Supplier for metal and plastic parts

Reliable partner to the automotive industry for construction, development, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing

As ISO TS16949 certified supplier, our team has long standing expertise with requiring die casting and plastic injection molded-solutions for the automotive market. 

We have been providing the automotive market with conventional and well-established prototyping methods in metal and plastic. Furthermore, we developed a method of prototyping for die casting parts, meeting the special requirements of the autotmoive industry: PROTO DIE.

Automotive components
For many years, we have been successfully producing mechanical components, assemblies and housings for the automotive industry. As a certified supplier, we specialize in prototyping, small to medium-size batches as well as manufacturing processes involving high initial production costs, especially tooling costs. We round out our services as a one-stop supplier of mechanical assemblies with high-quality surface coatings and the assembly of modules and components: Everything from a single source!

Whether electronic housing for high-voltage-systems or diecast housings for camera-systems, zinc cast parts for hinges, plastic-metal composite housings or milled C-pillar (PA6GF) – we understand the special requirements of automotive industry. We combine technological expertise with market-related experience to the advantage of its customers.

Driving quality through the value chain.





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