Do you require complex, high-quality prototypes with series-like properties? Does your product development department expect short delivery times and quick tool changes for pilot lots? Do you want series production in small to medium sized batch sizes?

Increasing individualization is responsible for increased variety, short production lifecycles and quick availability by industry. Demand is frequently difficult to predict. Prototype construction and small series are necessary to minimize the risk of misinvestment. Take advantage of our experience with rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

Development partner
G.W.P. AG has proven itself over many years as a development partner with many industrial customers for prototype construction and small series production. Particularly in the manufacture of cast parts, G.W.P. can boast of significant experience ranging from the conventional production of milling models to cutting edge rapid prototyping technologies. Our own innovative developments in economical tool design for diecasting make the production of series-like cast part prototypes economical for the first time.

Whether display models, prototypes for function tests, pilot lots or exclusive small batches – we support you throughout the development process and manufacture prototypes based on your 3-D CAD data: Fast, economical and tailored to need.

Advice on choice of procedure
Prototypes should possess characteristics that are nearly identical to production models, they should be quickly available, easy to change, and more economical than the fabrication of series components. The particular manufacturing procedure that is best for your needs depends on the required precision, the employed material, the desired purpose, the required time, manufacturing costs and the number of prototypes to be produced.

We would be glad to assist you in the choice of the right procedure!