Plastic injection molding / Injection molded parts

Plastic injection molded components, assemblies and housings in small and medium batch sizes for various industrial applications.

Mastering diversity
G.W.P. offers everything from a single source: toolmaking and molded part production including all finishing, surfaces and assembly.

Advantages of injection molding
Injection molding is the most commonly used molding method for processing plastics. In injection molding, ready-molded plastic components with complex geometry and high precision can be produced fully automatically in short cycle times. Post-processing is usually not necessary. The proportionate costs for injection molds are relatively high due to their complexity. Injection molding is therefore an extremely economical process for the production of large quantities. Complex surface structures such as graining, patterns or engravings can be integrated directly into the molds. A very wide range of thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastic plastic materials with very different properties is available for injection molding.

Injection molding processes
A number of highly specialized injection molding techniques have emerged for the production of sophisticated injection molded parts, in which molded parts are automatically produced from more than one plastic component in a sometimes multi-stage injection molding cycle (multi-component injection molding). Depending on whether hard-soft combinations, multicolor parts, marbling effects or the overmolding of inserts are required, different composite techniques are used. Special processes for the very different types of plastic, such as injection molding, thermoset or elastomer injection molding, guarantee results of the highest quality.

G.W.P. produces injection molded parts with molded part weights from 0.1 to 5,000g on injection molding machines with up to 1,300 t clamping force. G.W.P. combines application expertise for selected industries with extensive experience for the following injection molding processes:

Injection molding with service
G.W.P. is a full-service provider: Prototypes, mold making, molded parts, surface coatings and assembly production including all-round service. Take advantage of potential cost reductions - we will be happy to advise you!


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