Plastic injection molding / Injection molded parts

Injection molding is the most frequently used molding procedure for processing plastics.

In injection molding, highly precise plastic components with a complex geometry can be manufactured in their final shape in short, fully-automated cycles. In general, finishing is not needed. The proportionate costs for injection molds are relatively high due to the complexity of the molds. Injection molding is therefore an extremely economical method for manufacturing large numbers of parts. Complex surface structures such as graining, patterns or engravings can be directly integrated in the molds. A wide range of thermoplastic, thermoset and elastic plastic materials with numerous properties are available for injection molding.

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Injection molding processes

A series of highly-specialized injection molding techniques has arisen for the production of complex injection molded parts. Molded parts are automatically fabricated from more than one plastic component in an injection molding cycle that may consist of several stages (multi-component injection molding). Depending on whether hard/soft combinations, multi-colored parts, marble effects or the encapsulation of inserted parts are needed, other composite techniques are used. Special processes for the wide array of plastics such as liquid silicone injection molding, thermoset or elastomer injection molding ensure superior quality results.


G.W.P. manufactures injection molded parts weighing 2-5,000 g in molding machines with a clamping force of up to 1,300 tons. G.W.P. combines expertise in specific branches with a thorough experience in the following injection molding procedures:

  • Multi-component injection molding (2, 3 or 4 component)
  • Compound injection molding
  • Sandwich injection molding
  • Interval injection molding 
  • Injection molding around inserts
  • Marbling injection molding

Injection molding with service
G.W.P. offers everything from a single source: Prototypes, mold construction, molded parts, surface coatings and production of complete assemblies including comprehensive service. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction – consult with us!