What information do we need for an offer?

For a binding offer we need from you:

  • DIN-compliant 2D technical drawings and a 3D model for cast parts
  • if necessary an assembly drawing for better understanding
  • all process-specific data that is specified by the customer
  • desired lot sizes, annual quantities - we offer the minimum order quantity and the lot size for which there is a price improvement
  • special materials or special requirements
  • define a fixed project name (please not "housing") and unique drawing numbers. Please also refer to our "RFQ Checklist" (PDF).

We do not have any 3-D models or CAD drawings. Can you create these for us?
If you do not possess any CAD drawings or 3-D models, we will be glad to create them for you at an economical price. We would also be glad to digitally convert old drawings into CAD formats. G.W.P. has its own CAD center to do this. 
Would you be able to sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA?

We are willing to sign such an agreement concerning the nondisclosure of information of any kind. However, you should first submit an initial request to determine whether collaboration is worthwhile. Sensitive data can be provided after it is that probable that we will prepare an offer.

Do I have to correspond with your Chinese branches, and who is my contractual partner?

Your contract partner and contact is G.W.P. AG in Germany. The competent team in Teltow is responsible for all technical and business needs. All correspondence can be conducted either in German or English.

Where should I send my query or order?

Please send inquiries and orders to Teltow office (Germany), Email: sales@gwp-ag.com
Attachments of up to 10 MB are possible.

When can I expect an offer?

Your inquiry will first be checked by us for completeness (drawings, required information). If information is missing, we will contact you shortly. Then we check feasibility, process stability, production capacities and, if necessary, obtain quotations from qualified suppliers and contractual partners. On this basis, we will prepare a detailed and binding offer for you. As a rule, you will receive our offer within 5 working days.

What is the minimum quantity of parts I have to buy for series?

This depends on the manufacturing process, the material, the moulded part and the proportion of finishing work. Die casting is economical from batch sizes of approx. 300 pieces or 500 kg, plastic injection moulding from approx. 1,000 pieces or 25 kg.

For turned and milled parts, the minimum order quantities are approx. 3,000 pieces for small parts, approx. 1,000 pieces for medium-sized parts and approx. 100 pieces for large parts. The minimum order quantity for customer-specific extruded aluminium profiles depends on the profile, but is usually 200-300 kg per profile.


Do you also manufacture individual parts and small batches?
We use our rapid prototyping service for very small batches. At present, we offer the procedures of metal lasers sintering, selective laser sintering, stereolithography (SLA), as well as all machining processes and wire eroding (EDM).
How long is your offer period?

We are bound by our offer for 15 days, longer commitment periods are agreed depending on the project. We also reserve the right to make short-term price adjustments in the event of a tight raw material situation.

I have not yet received any confirmation of receipt. How can I make sure that my query/order is being processed?
Once we receive your e-mail, we will automatically send you a short status message. Usually, we contact you within the next two days to inform you about the status. In response to queries, you will receive either a bid or rejection after they are reviewed. After an order is submitted, you will receive an order confirmation with all of the relevant information. If this does not occur, please call our G.W.P. team at +49 30 757744-0 to find out if your query or order has been received. To prevent the duplication of records, please do not send us a second copy of your order without identifying it as such.