Other master molds and dies

G.W.P. AG manufactures other industrial tools in addition to diecasting molds and injection molds. We offer everything from a single source: Mold production and molded parts optionally with any desired finishing, as well as surfaces and assembly. G.W.P. specializes in industrial tools for small batches tailored to need and offers low tool costs.

Overview of a selection of possible industrial tools:

  • Lathe tools
  • Folding press dies
  • Dressing tools
  • Master dies
  • Rotary slip
  • Deburring tools
  • Eroding tools
  • Compound progressive dies
  • Progressive dies
  • Dies
  • Die construction
  • Electrical discharge machining tools
  • Foundry tools
  • Casting tools
  • Tools for casting
  • Handling equipment
  • High-performance tools
  • Gravity diecasting dies
  • Low-pressure casting molds
  • Embossing tools
  • Precision tools
  • Compression molds
  • Prototype tools
  • Angled slide tool
  • Sintering tools
  • Special tools
  • Clamps
  • Transfer press tools
  • Partial dies
  • Shaping dies
  • Divices
  • Mold cores
  • Mold sets
  • Mold parts
  • Cutting tools
  • Drawing dies

G.W.P. is your specialist for dies and master molds with a short to medium-length service life, and provides die blocks, ejector plates with ejector pins, spacer strips for ejector plates, bolster plates, spacers for ejector movement, die plates, slides or connections for cooling holes.

Do you have any questions regarding mold design, mold life, changes to molds, tolerances, procedures or alloys? Consult our FAQ list, the download area, and take advantage of our consultation options!