Suppliers for the automation industry must satisfy a widely divergent range of demands.
This innovation-driven branch with numerous special applications, special solutions and short production cycles expects a high degree of flexibility, maximum precision and guaranteed reliability from its suppliers.

Components for automation systems
For many years, G.W.P. has been successfully producing mechanical components and assemblies for the automation industry. As a supplier for process and manufacturing automation, we specialize in small to medium-size batches as well as manufacturing processes involving high initial production costs, especially tooling costs. We focus on die casting, extruded specially-shaped aluminum parts, injection molded plastics, the production of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, and the machining of aluminum. We round out our services as a one-stop supplier of mechanical assemblies with high-quality surface coatings and the assembly of modules and components: Everything from a single source!

Whether cast aluminum housings for keyboards, control panels and screens in factory automation, special shaped aluminium parts for linear systems, sensor switches, micro PLC housings for control systems, revolving strobe lights for safety systems, or finish-mounted plastic housings with special electrical shielding for measuring systems – we understand the special requirements of automation. G.W.P. combines technological expertise with branch-related experience to the advantage of its customers.
We specialize to your advantage.

plastic injection parthigh speed camera

We specialize in manufacturing customized plastic and metal parts, assemblies & housings for:

  • Measuring and testing systems
  • Sensors
  • Control technology
  • Assembly and handling/positioning systems
  • Drive technology
  • Robotics
  • Safety systems
  • Industrial image processing



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