Mechanical components for machine building
The machine building industry is one of the most diverse branches of industry with a wide number of special fields. This industry is characterized by small and medium-size series. Equipment and machine building is a branch with high demands on the strength and precision of mechanical components. Close, early collaboration between developers, builders and suppliers is fundamental for a successful time-to-market.

Machine components
For many years, G.W.P. has been successfully producing mechanical components for the machine building industry. As a supplier for machine building, we specialize in small to medium-size batches as well as manu

facturing processes involving high initial production costs, especially tooling costs. We focus on die casting, extruded specially-shaped aluminum parts, injection molded plastics, the production of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, and the machining of aluminum. We round out our services as a one-stop supplier of mechanical assemblies with high-quality surface coatings and the assembly of modules and components: Everything from a single source!

Whether pump housings, die cast bases and levers, CNC-milled front panels or couplings, plastic injection molded plugs and switches - G.W.P. combines technological expertise with branch-related experience to the advantage of its customers.

We specialize to your advantage.

_mg_0756_500x500.jpg_mg_1104_500x500.jpgClamping nut die casting

Plastic and metal components, assemblies, housings for:

  • Printing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Textile machines
  • Vacuum systems
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Special machines



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