The advantage of service

Procurement costs and service
Cheap can become very expensive. In many companies, purchasing decisions are frequently based solely on the cost of parts and transportation. Procurement costs, risk reduction costs, alteration costs or costs to harmonize the production processes of numerous suppliers are frequently secondary in purchasing decisions. Suppliers who assume these risks and offer complete service from a single source offers special advantages.
Companies that optimize based on the total cost of ownership (TCO) save 10 - 15% of overall procurement costs depending on the branch. Companies with a successful purchasing management system consider both the manufacturing costs and lifecycle costs (LCC). 80% of operating costs after a product has been designed are fixed. Subsequent costs for dies and molds, servicing and energy must be optimized in the development phase in early, close cooperation between design, purchasing and the supplier (advanced purchasing). Services offered by manufacturers and suppliers can translate into distinct advantages. G.W.P. offers such comprehensive service and assumes all of the major procurement risks for its customers.

G.W.P. AG is a service-oriented system supplier for mechanical manufacturing and has proven itself as a reliable development partner for industry since its founding. If desired, we offer our customers economical alternative manufacturing procedures or materials before the start of production. Technicians and engineers with years of experience in manufacturing, metallurgy, casting materials, casting procedures and die and mold construction can offer suggestions in the bidding phase for production-optimized design (design to cost). Development time is reduced without sacrificing quality. Long-term savings can be effectively adopted. We offer our customers more reliable tooling and avoid additional costs from subsequent changes to the dies and molds. Consultation has advantages!

Given the speed of market change, a high degree of flexibility in the offered technologies and cost structure gives buyers a decisive edge over the competition. New materials and manufacturing processes are replacing traditional methods, and a substantial effort is required to keep pace with the current level of technology. New ways to optimize production costs can be offered by suppliers with experience in cutting-edge production technology and worldwide procurement sources.

G.W.P. AG offers the advantages of flexible manufacturing processes and a flexible cost structure! As a technology expert and multi-process manufacturing service provider, G.W.P. offers all the manufacturing processes from a single source and can pass on to its customers its cost advantages from its own manufacturing facilities in Asia. Flexibility has advantages!