The advantage of specialization

Manufacturing services over a range of processes
G.W.P. specializes in the production of high-quality components and assemblies covering a range of processes and materials. We offer close collaboration in the development phase and advise our customers regarding manufacturability, component-appropriate mold design, economical material substitutes or assembly optimization. Given our comprehensive approach, we are able to manufacture different, harmonized components including surface finishing, and deliver them as new finished assemblies. We see ourselves as a problem solver and not just a parts supplier.

Equipment and labor-intensive processes
Short product lifecycles and unique, highly-specialized markets require flexible production of small batches. Dies and molds are often only manufactured to accommodate batches of millions of units. High initial production costs, especially for dies and molds, frequently sound the death knell of many products. G.W.P. specializes in the production of small and medium-size batches. We manufacture high-quality dies and molds tailored to your needs for the required number of molded parts. Labor-intensive finishing and processes that cannot be automated due to the low number of units make this service a complete package. We offer cost advantages through needs-based small batch production.