Seals for housings

We manufacture the appropriate seals for industrial housings.

The IP class of protection of the housing is largely determined by the appropriate seal. In addition to the material, the means by which the seal is attached, the structure of the contact surfaces and the residual compression of a housing seal are all elements that influence the seal of a housing. Conductive seals can improve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of shielded housings.

We manufacture industrial housings with high-quality seals of polyurethane and the silicone. Depending on the requirements, we use seal materials with elasticity properties that are adapted to the housing. Whether inserted or injected, seals must continuously and reliably seal the housing.

Housing seals of polyurethane

Polyurethane seals can be cast permanently to the housing cover for a tight and lasting seat. Polyurethane seals are temperature resistant from -50 to +130°C, and also resist greases and weak acids. PUR seals are not sensitive to weather, and can be used in most standard applications.

Housing seals of silicon

Silicone seals are suitable for a variety of uses. These seals are favorably resistant to alcohols and ketones. Strong acids and bases have a degrading effect. Silicone seals are very temperature resistant (from -60 to +170°C).

Whether die-cut or injected, ask us about the appropriate seal.