CNC lathing

G.W.P. AG produces complex metal and plastic lathed parts for industry. Modern CNC-controlled lathes are used to lathe components according to customer specifications. We lathe all conventional plastics and metals, but we specialize in aluminum and engineering plastics such as PA, PBT, POM or PC.

CNC lathing aluminium ringLamp housing - CNC lathingCamera housing Aluminium lathingPlastic lathing part

CNC lathing of small batches

G.W.P. AG specializes in the cost-optimized manufacture of small batches. We manufacture lathed components and exclusive small series, even involving the multi-axis machining of interiors and exteriors. Highly precise, complex contours and a range of inner and outer threads require cutting-edge CNC lathes and substantial experience. G.W.P. has experienced employees and up-to-date equipment for high-quality lathed parts that meet your requirements!

Our branch-specific experience eliminates loss from poorly coordinated logistics, thus enabling your CNC-lathed components to be successfully completed on-schedule. Our proven project track record with customers from your branch makes it easier for us to quickly understand your special needs and problems and precisely satisfy your demands.

One-stop supplier


As a provider of manufacturing services for mechanical components, we offer much more than precise lathed parts. We can also finish the surfaces of the manufactured components for you. We offer everything from a single source: from the production of supplementary parts using additional processes to the creation of assemblies. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction – consult with us!

Services for lathed components:



We lathe components of aluminum, brass, steel and plastic. Special materials can be used upon request. We process your components according to DIN ISO 2768 (general tolerances).


  • CNC lathing: max. diameter: 450 mm, length: max. 1,000 mm
  • Conventional lathing: max. diameter: 500 mm, length: max. 1,500 mm
  • We process according to DIN ISO 2768

Recommended minimum batch size:

Small parts: 3,000 units
Medium-sized parts: 1,000 units
Large parts: 100 units

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