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Drilling and thread cutting

G.W.P. AG produces metal and plastic mechanical components in small batches for industry. Drilling and thread cutting are two manufacturing processes that occur frequently. For highly-precise and reliable standard and special thread cutting, we use high-quality thread cutters, shell-type thread milling cutters, thread plug gauges, and manual thread cutters of solid carbide. We sometimes use high-quality threaded bush systems for casting materials. Different procedures are used to create threads depending on the material requirements:

  • Thread cutting
  • Grinding threads
  • Drilling threads
  • Pressing threads
  • Milling threads
  • Impressing threaded bushes

Thread cuttingThreaded InsertsThread cutting part

One-stop supplier

As a provider of manufacturing services for mechanical components, we offer much more than precise boreholes and threads for your components. We offer you everything from a single source: The production of cast parts, stamped parts, milled parts or lathed parts. In addition, we offer surface treatment and production of assemblies. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction – consult with us!

Whether components with tapped blind holes or threaded through-holes with regular or fine thread – ask for a nonbinding quotation for your components! Submit your request.


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