Plastic extrusion

G.W.P manufactures extruded plastic profiles in small batch sizes for a variety of industrial applications.

G.W.P. offers it all from a single source: Die construction and profile production for a nearly unlimited number of profile geometries including all finishing steps, surfaces and assembly. The minimum order quantity is 50 kg or 5,000 m per batch.


Die constructionPlastic extrusion is used by G.W.P. to produce high-quality plastic profiles based on drawings. G.W.P. first produces the dies and sizing sleeves according to the customer's profile drawings. Precise and reliable extrusion dies are essential for manufacturing profiles. G.W.P. is an experienced manufacturer of extrusion dies that specializes in small and medium-sized batches. Our particular strength is economical dies. We manufacture quality dies even for complex profile geometries. In particular, customers who have to fabricate dies frequently for new products find that we are the right partner for them. Low die costs also substantially reduce the risk of your investment. Take advantage of the cost-reduction potential!.

Plastic extrusion
In the extrusion process, plastic is pressed through the extruder in a solid to highly-viscous state under high pressure at a high temperature. Depending on the plastic, screw type extrusion or ram extrusion (also termed sinter extrusion) is used. By means of a precisely temperature-controlled extrusion process on our extrusion lines, we can guarantee profiles with low tolerances according to DIN 16941. With plastic extrusion, partial impressions can be introduced, and hard/soft combinations such as sealing lips, etc. can be generated in two-component coextrusion. Consult with us!
Profile coatings
The extruded plastic profiles can be painted or vacuum coated. To improve the adhesion of coatings, the plastic profiles may be treated with adhesion promoters, etching or flaming. For electronic applications, G.W.P. offers vacuum metallization (Al or Cu/NiCr) of profile segments that improves electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Plastics for profile extrusion
Polyamides such as PA6, PA66, acrylic ester styrene acrylonitrile copolymers (ASA), styrene butadiene copolymers (SBS) and polystyrenes (GPPS and HIPS) are used in the extrusion of high-quality plastic profiles. Other thermoplastic polymers such as PVC, PE, POM, PP and PET are used as needed.