Sol gel coating

The economical sol gel coating with nano-structured paints based on silicon and water compounds can be used to improve the properties of metal and plastic surfaces. These film-forming nanopaints can strongly improved scratch resistance and chemical and thermal resistance depending on the underlying material, paint composition and sol gel process. Anti-adhesive coatings or self-cleaning surfaces can be achieved.


G.W.P. offers sol gel coatings of aluminum and plastic surfaces to increase scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. The field of sol gels which is relatively new is sufficiently well-developed for many technical applications. We do not have any prior experience with the decorative use of sol gel coatings. We recommend inspecting previous test series for information on this application.


  • Burner tops (diecast)
  • Friction bearings
  • Machine parts
  • Technical plastic lenses


  • Colorless, transparent
  • High scratch resistance (depending on the surface roughness)
  • Increased corrosion and wear protection
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Thermal resistance up to 200°C (on aluminum)
  • Electrically insulating
  • Anti-adhesive effect
  • Economical (only about 15% more than normal paints)