Water jet cutting

In abrasive water jet cutting, the sheet metal to be cut is parted using a high pressure water jet of up to 5,000 bar. The cutting water to which an abrasive (corundum) is added strikes the material at approximately 1,000 m/s. Water jet cutting is also suitable for very hard materials up to 100 mm thick. The roughness of the cut edge and the edge and corner quality depend on the cutting speed. The quality requirements and economic considerations determine whether parting cuts, fine cuts or precision cuts are used. G.W.P. AG u‎ses water jet cutting to cut sheet metal for which conventional cutting methods are not suitable or economical.

Advantages of water jet cutting

  • No thermal alteration of the cut edge
  • For very fine and holes and contours
  • Minimization of stays
  • For thick sheet metal and very hard materials
  • Composite materials
  • Light metals
  • Plastics
  • Also economical for small batches

G.W.P. specializes in the cost-optimized production of complex sheet metal components in small batches. We manufacture your demanding sheet metal components on modern water jet cutting systems according to DIN ISO 2768. As a multi-process manufacturing service provider for mechanical components, we also offer surface coatings, four sheet metal components, the production of components in additional procedures and the assembly of components if needed. Take advantage of potential cost-reduction!

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