In the future, we will be wanting to obtain different manufacturing procedures from a single source. Can you take over arrangements with our old suppliers?
If you so desire, we will contact your existing suppliers and organize a smooth transition for your future deliveries.
Can you take over the entire production of a housing consisting of different parts (plastic injection molded parts, steel floor, silicone seal, rubber feet, stamped contacts)?
Yes, as a manufacturing service provider that offers a range of production methods, G.W.P.specializes in tailored production and assembly. When you submit a query, we will also need an assembly drawing in addition to the parts drawings.
Can we order our specific material or our own installation elements?
Yes, that is not a problem. G.W.P. will charge an appropriate surcharge for the ordered material or will procure the material from the customer's supplier under the same conditions.
What casting alloys do you use, and what standards are used?
We use the requested alloys for production. If these are not available or difficult to come by in China, we offer alloys based on other international industrial standards that approximate the requested alloys. You can find the precise composition of the alloys in a comparative overview of German, American and Chinese standards on the Download page of our website.
We want to manufacture our product using an alloy with which we have no prior experience. Can you run suitable tests for us?
We would be glad to manufacture and test components made of special materials. This will be invoiced based on cost. Be sure to plan a sufficient amount of time.
What standards do you use when we do not specify any tolerances?

If the customer does not provide any tolerances in the drawings, we use the following recognized standards:

  1. Lathing, milling and drilling (including any finishing of metal cast parts): ISO 2768
  2. Injection molded aluminum: DIN 1688 (without finishing)
  3. Zinc die casting: DIN 1687 (without finishing)
  4. Stamping: ISO 2768
Can you create a specific powder coating that we specify with a specific reflection?

In such cases we work with specialists in Germany.

In your query, please provide us with all the requirements and standards and the name of the powder manufacturer. We will determine feasibility and create samples beforehand if necessary. If different areas are to be coated differently or remain without a coating, please provide a drawing for the coating. 

What is the quickest way to get information on a specific material or technical standard?

G.W.P. specializes in small to medium sized batches. We are not set up to manufacture the millions of units that are generally required by automobile manufacturers. We would be glad to consider queries for small batches. G.W.P. is not certified for automotive production according to IATF 16949.

What is the quickest way to get information on a specific material or technical standard?

The most important technical information can be found on our website under "Download". If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our technical services at or phone us at +49 3328 33066-0.

Can I get RoHS certificate for the products that G.W.P. manufactures?

Yes, we can provide a RoHS certificate for the components that we manufacture that certifies the restricted use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic devices (EC Directive 2011/65/EU). Please request this in your query.

Can a specific packaging be requested for the parts to be delivered?
Yes, customer-specific packaging is feasible. Please supply specific information in your query, or let us suggest various options.
Is just-in-time delivery of partial quantities possible?

We can temporarily store the manufactured components and assemblies for you and deliver partial quantities as needed. Please specify the corresponding request in your query.

What are G.W.P. business hours, and what other restrictions exist?

The sales team in can be reached on work days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and frequently afterwards. Beyond German holidays, deliveries may be restricted by Chinese holidays, about which we will inform our customers in a timely manner. During the three weeks of the main holiday season in Germany, the office of G.W.P. will be closed and will only be manned by an emergency staff.