Exploit cost reduction potential

Metal and plastic mechanical components can be economically manufactured in small and medium-sized batches.

Reducing costs means strategic purchasing
Low cost in the production of new products is the key to success. However, concentrating on the price of parts alone can lead to greater expenditures in other areas. Procurement costs, transportation costs, insurance costs, alteration costs or costs to harmonize the production processes of numerous suppliers need be taken into account when awarding bids. Companies that optimize based on the total cost of ownership (TCO) save up to 15% of overall procurement costs depending on the branch. Companies with a successful purchasing management system consider both the manufacturing costs and lifecycle costs (LCC). Reducing costs means strategic purchasing.

Reduce costs by means of a development partnership
Cost reduction starts with the draft of the product. 80% of operating costs after a product has been designed are fixed. Subsequent costs for dies and molds, servicing and energy must be optimized in the development phase in early, close cooperation between design, purchasing and the supplier (advanced purchasing). The supplying manufacturer of the components and assemblies can only make design suggestions to reduce the cost of production when the manufacturer is included in the development phase. This can reduce the time of development without sacrificing quality and reveal long-term cost reduction potential. Reduce costs by means of a development partnership.

Reduce costs by considering all processing procedures
Cost-reduction starts by choosing the appropriate manufacturing procedure. New technologies and improved materials can help optimize quality, efficiency and the delivery time. Depending on the requirements, enormous savings can be achieved by substituting traditional materials or choosing economical production methods. Specialized parts suppliers cannot offer objective consulting or broad experience and expertise in production and manufacturing – You need a manufacturing service provider with expertise in a range of procedures and technologies and global production. The tailored production of various components by a single source reduces delivery times, minimizes process costs and enhances quality. Reduce costs by harmonizing all manufacturing procedures.

Reduce costs by lowering tooling costs
It is particularly important to keep manufacturing costs low by holding down the tooling costs for small and medium sized batches. Excessive tooling costs can be the death knell of a product. It is very important to produce high-quality dies and molds with service lives tailored to the batch size. Rapid tooling and modular tooling approaches or low cost molds of very strong aluminum alloys can make your project possible. Reduce costs by lowering tooling costs.

G.W.P. lowers costs over the long-term
G.W.P. Manufacturing Services AG offers a wide range of manufacturing processes and specializes in small to medium-sized batches. Technicians and engineers with years of experience in manufacturing, metallurgy, materials, casting and die and mold construction can offer suggestions in the bidding phase for production-optimized design. As your reliable development partner, we offer everything from a single source: Prototype construction, die and mold construction, mass production, surface finishing, assembly production, polishing, customs clearance and just-in-time supply. You can reduce process costs by bundling production and procurement processes from a single supplier. G.W.P. lowers costs over the long term.

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G.W.P. manufactures cost-optimized aluminum components, diecast parts, injection molded parts, plastic components in a multi-component injection molding procedure, punched parts, deep drawn parts, powder coated industrial housings, touchscreens, milled aluminum front panels, EMC-coated electronic housings, eloxated aluminum profiles, brass cast parts, plastic lathed parts, aluminum milled parts, pressure-tight pump housings, zinc diecast parts, CNC-fabricated valves, medical equipment housings, developments models, function prototypes, polyamide cast parts, vacuum deep-drawn plastic parts, extruded plastic parts, fiberglass-reinforced antenna housings, milled C columns, microswitches...